4x4, SUV, offroad and jeep fridges

The multi-year experience on the international markets, especially in South Africa and Australia, incentivized Indel B  to realize of a range of specific products for off-road vehicles, which perfectly work also in bad weather conditions.

Every compressor portable fridge of the Travel Box line is an off-road fridge and can be installed on board of every  vehicle through a fixing kit or placed in the seat by buckles or dedicated handles.

For the models TB31A, TB41A and TB51A it’s available a 3 positions sliding solid base, which facilitates the extraction, the opening and the easily repositioning in the fridge, assuring the maximum safety.

The Australian and South African experience leaded up Indel B to develop a new line of products, TRAVEL BOX STEEL, which consist of 6 off-road fridges, fully realized in steel and provided with thick isolating.

The “Travel box steel” fridges are available with double compartment and can be used as fridge, fridge/freezer or freezer, setting a mono or double temperature according to the needs or to the model.

All the compressor portable fridges are equipped with an electronic circuit, that protects the battery deactivating  the fridge anytime the level of the battery is minimum, to ensure the vehicle starting.

The user can set the battery protection level; the modes available are high, medium and low.

All the compressor portable fridges of Indel B are manufactured in compliance with the higher product/process quality standards    imposed by the most important European and American companies, leaders in the production of heavy commercial vehicles.

In particular, the SECOP compressor  (ex Danfoss), used by Indel B for every product, is characterized by high reliability and resistance to all the vibrations and road pressure resulting from a long drive, on road not always in good conditions.

Indel B fridges are  inimitable “travel buddies”.


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