Motorhome and caravan fridges

To the open air lovers Indel B offers a range of portable or built in motorhome fridges and caravan fridges which guarantee the maximum efficiency, functionality and lightness.

The “Cruise” line  is composed of 7 built in models, from 42 to 130 liters, equipped with a handy freezer compartment and an interchangeable door panel , which creates the perfect integration with motorhome and caravan furnishings. On the other hand the “travel Box” line is composed of 16 compressor portable fridges, from 15 to 130 liters.

Indel B Camper fridges for leisure time are real fridges, ensure high performances and the same features than a domestic fridge. These concepts make them essential to everyone who love the plein air lifestyle, keeping the benefits of refrigerated food and drinks, avoiding the daily grocery shopping.

Indel B compressor motorhome fridge and caravan fridge give you all the  advantages of those comforts that before were typically domestic (oppure “of home”). Thanks to the compact dimensions the built in compressor motorhome fridge CRUISE can be easily installed in every vehicle, in addition or in replacement of the less performing pre-existed refrigerating compartments. Alternatively, the portable compressor motorhome or caravan fridge TRAVEL BOX, thanks to its portability, can be placed in any space inside the vehicle during the travel and used in and out door once reached the destination.  Fix or sliding installation Kit ensure the maximum safety on the road.



The compressor portable or built in motorhome fridges of Indel B distinguish themselves for the low energy consumption and for the high performances shown also by the energy efficiency class (A+, A++ and A+++ according to the different models)

Indel B designs and realizes since over 40 years authentic fridges for commercial vehicles for some of the biggest European and American automotive firms such as Iveco, Daf, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Kenworth and Peterbilt.

The same components, technologies and standard used for  the above mentioned companies  are transferred to the CRUISE and TRAVEL BOX lines,  guarantying the maximum reliability for all the portable fridges and the compressor  built in fridges of INDEL B.

The portable or built in motorhome fridges for the leisure time are  inimitable “travel buddies”.


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