Minibus, bus and coach fridges

The portable and built in fridges of Indel B can be installed and used in commercial vehicles destined to the public or private common carriers, such as minibus and coaches.

With over 40 years of experience in the fridge’s production, supplying some of the biggest European and American producers of heavy commercial vehicles such as Volvo, Scania, Daf, Iveco, Renault, Peterbilt and Kenworth supported the Indel B’s entrance into the Pullman sector, starting a OEM collaboration with Irizar, Irisbus and others important firms involved in the production of coach fridges in compliance with the GBK standards (laws).

In all the vehicles where a place to install a fridge was not originally predisposed, the portable fridges and the built in compressor fridges Indel B represents without any doubt an excellent solution.

Electronic multi-function thermostat, internal light, strong carrying handles, a battery saver supplied as standard are just some of the elements which characterize Indel B products.

The portable fridges TRAVEL BOX range is extremely wide: 16 models of compressor portable fridges which can cold down the temperature up to – 18C*, starting from 15 to 130 liters.

From the small and ultra light TB15 and TB18 to the bigger TB130STEEL, all the models are easily installed and complete the furnishing with a service of undisputed utility for the passengers and the drivers.

Only when Indel B portable fridges or built in fridges are on board the travel is comfortable. Indel B fridges are inimitable “travel buddies”.


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